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Miss Jay 7 May at Anonymous 29 April at I tinted my eye brows a light brown and then put on somelip gloss.

I left MCds and got the bus to Fumez old yard where Murda was staying. Pirates 2 stranger revenge full movie online. Damon was wedge, not too wedge, just tall and wedge. Anonymous 28 May at Or Jus Plain Stupid. Damon groaned, my pussy was eating his dick, the moisture making his dick slippery. Deena da sket. He was beatin the shit out of me.

Sorcha needs to die. Dats wat rochelle gets for fucking her mums man', 'timestamp': He started the car and we didnt say nuthin until he said, "u havent eaten all day- tru say man is hungry too- lets go mcdonalds drive thru. But when I tell u the amount of 'road man' that was in der bennin over next man I cudnt believe it! Its the guy that works in Primark that the whole drama kicks off over U lot need some help Why must you do this?????

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Adam fuck me Adam do it harder Adam please fuck me harder Yeah yeah! Murda nodded, "Ryan used to do line ups for old white men we used to shot to and they'd pay him an extra bil for it. Anonymous 10 February at I unlocked the door, i didnt say anything to her and left.

Murda was watchin it. Hairy redhead pussy pictures. Anonymous 17 April at Damon and Murda laughed, "cant lie though," Murda said, "ryans brain isnt bad, ive buss in his mouth many a time, JOKE! Damon was wedge, not too wedge, just tall and wedge. All Sket Stories that appear on this blogsite are protected by all forms of Copyright law and any referencing or imitation of the stories without the permission of the author will result in prosecution.

I put it on and it fit so easily. Ppl treat u how u treat urself str8. Deena da sket. Natalie hugged me, "was it him? It was raining so hard as i ran up to Mcdonalds to see Natalie. Anonymous 3 May at I feel sorry for deena, her mums a bitch; her dad aint shit and she keeps gettin beat up by man. Anonymous 9 August at One of them went to punch me, and i just stepped back and cut her friend on the hand with my cutter. Anonymous 19 May at Murda continued, "I know who duppied her cos I sent her to that house.

Posted by Rochelle Sket at Anonymous 18 June at About Me Rochelle Sket Rochelle Sket is protected by all forms of Copyright Law, any form of plagiarism, imitation or referencing without the permission of www. I wasnt even scared, i was just vex. My tits looked huge, maybe it was all that nang fucking.

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Anonymous 24 April at Anonymous 6 July at Then my phone rang. Beautiful black babes tumblr. And fumez nahhhhh', 'timestamp': All i could think about was ryan. I dont think he knew Deena was his sister when he lined up her cos I dont think anyone told him who his real mum was, I think he found out And then u slap ur mum ooh my days if I ever slapped my mum I no I'm bout to die coz mumzy wudnt take that shit for real! I rinsed the soap out of my eyes and opened them. Rochelle walked in and sat next to the bed. Beautaii 28 May at

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Marathi hot actress Anonymous 27 April at I could feel the cold even though we were in the car.
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Mature amateur swinger pics Ryan got into the car. I left the house and got the bus to finsbury park.
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